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Here I Wait (Working Title)

        Here I Wait is a comic that centers around a Latino boy named Cheba and his dog Tonton as they try to find excitement in the mundanity of their daily routines. Living in a remote house by the cliff, Cheba constantly sits and waits by the warm sunrise and sunset hoping to find a moment to free himself from his own chains. It isn't until a meteor falls from the stars and strikes the ground across the vast ocean does Cheba begin to struggle to move away from his home and embark in a journey that may change his ordinary life forever... will he take the risk?

Here I Wait
As_I_Wait_(First_Page) copy.png

Splash Page Concept

        Cheba and Tonton begin their morning to another day with the same story. The color palette for "Here I Wait" was inspired by Jared Muralt's comic, particularly "The Fall Comic Issue 1", that uses a limited color palette to convey soft and cool mornings and nights during the end of another Fall season. Cheba and Tonton are seen throughout the story performing the same tasks, as Cheba is constantly in an internal dialogue fighting to stay hopeful in his mundane life. This story was born from the repetitive life cycles during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic where the repetition felt endless as we sought to find something interesting to keep us entertained or hopeful for our communities to remain safe but lively as well. While Cheba is described to be in a remote home by the ocean, he is not detached from society though he never is seen interacting with other characters beyond Tonton to further build the isolating imagery with the unevenness of his young age readily living as a functioning adult. 

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