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About Me

       I am multi-media artist currently enrolled as a BFA student at the University of Michigan Penny Stamps School of Art and Design with a concentration in illustration and writing. I am also pursuing a Minor in Scenic Design at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. 



        Born and raised in the white suburban towns of Connecticut, I have grappled with my identity as a queer Latino and how my voice could fit into a larger community. My work and practice throughout the years has grown to express the intimacy of my complex relationship with identity and build thoughtful communities centered around the queer Latine experience, particularly with mental health issues. As a person who has developed an awareness for his anxiety and depression, I have shaped my craft to convey vulnerability, pain, and growth in my relationships by applying written text and using the versatility of art in its infinite forms to create conversation and positive impact on the communities we center ourselves in.

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